Every child should have the educational resources to become a successful adult. Based on our belief that education is the best road out of poverty, the Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation supports a strong education pipeline. Grants are made to support efforts in early childhood to help children be ready to learn when they enter the school system. Other grants support teachers, students and families to help more children achieve and succeed. These include grants to improve academic outcomes through teacher and principal coaching as well as support for meeting non-academic needs, like physical and mental health needs.

Academy of Craft Training

A grant of $75,000 over three years to support the operations of the Academy of Craft Training, a public/private partnership between the construction industry and the State of Alabama’s K-12 education system, through salaries for five instructors and a Training and Employment Coordinator. These instructors work to ensure students are connected with an internship and upon graduation employment in the commercial construction industry. In three years, this program has progressed from 23 to 116 graduating seniors, with 90% of students moving on to the commercial construction industry workforce and the remaining 10% continuing on to either college or the military. For more information, visit