Focus Areas

The Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation seeks to strengthen communities and improve the quality of life in the Birmingham metropolitan area and the State of Alabama.

Our Program Areas

The Foundation focuses on developing partnerships with organizations that create positive outcomes in the following program areas:

  • Education

    We believe that every child should have the educational resources to become a successful adult.

  • The Environment

    We believe that the protection of our natural resources and green spaces are vital to the environment and to the health of our communities.

  • Culture and the Arts

    We believe that the cultural arts enrich lives and are an integral part of a dynamic and vibrant community.

  • Neighborhood Revitalization

    We believe in the Purpose Built Communities’ holistic model for rebuilding strong neighborhoods. A strong cradle – to – adult educational pipeline, affordable mixed-income housing, wrap-around social services and local economic revitalization are necessary components for creating livable communities and helping to break the cycle of poverty.

  • Positioning Strategic Community Assets

    We believe that the success of our community depends on the strength of its intrinsic partners – those institutions that represent the best of Birmingham. We are committed to their success.

Our Service Area

The Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation focuses its grantmaking in the Birmingham metropolitan area. Special consideration is given to support programs that serve the Woodlawn community in Birmingham.

The Foundation will also support efforts that build opportunities in the Black Belt of Alabama, particularly Hale and Greene Counties. Grants that impact the State of Alabama as a whole or that impact policy issues affecting all Alabamians will also be considered.