Apply for a Grant

Grant Guidelines

    Since 2009, the Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation has been providing grants to nonprofit organizations in our community, the Black Belt, and the state as a whole to support a variety of programs. From education to the environment, from the cultural arts to neighborhood revitalization, the Foundation has distributed over $26,000,000 in grants to 221 organizations whose work we are proud to support.

    The Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation seeks to strengthen communities and improve the quality of life primarily in the Birmingham metropolitan area and the State of Alabama.

    Grants from the Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation are made to support:

    • programs that impact the Birmingham metro area;
    • programs that impact the Woodlawn area of Birmingham;
    • programs that impact the Black Belt area in Alabama;
    • programs that impact the State of Alabama as a whole, specifically those that influence policy change at the state level.

    The Foundation is interested in developing partnerships with nonprofit organizations to achieve measurable results in the following areas:

    • Education
    • Neighborhood Revitalization
    • The Environment
    • The Arts and Culture
    • Positioning Strategic Community Assets

    Grant applications must be geared toward achieving specific results in these focus areas.

    Partnership Grants

    Partnership Grants will support programs that have the potential for substantive, transformational change with consequential outcomes, that leverage other funds, that may require seed capital, and that are innovative and collaborative. These grants are geared towards long term projects intended to make lasting impacts in the communities they serve. Multi-year grants will be considered. Although a large portion of the Partnership Grants are proactive and initiative-driven, the Foundation will accept requests for consideration.

    Prior to applying for a Partnership Grant, you will need to contact the foundation staff at 205.918.7179 and arrange a meeting to begin a dialogue and establish the groundwork for our partnership with you in your significant effort. 

    Program, Operating and Capital Campaign Grants

    We also fund capital campaigns and provide grants for operating and programmatic support to organizations engaged in activities that align with the Foundation’s funding interests. Program grants of up to $30,000 must be applied for annually to support a specific program. Operating grants may be applied for in up to three year increments with an annual review. Our goal is to help our grantees focus more on their missions and less on application cycles. Capital Campaign grants will be considered in the first and third quarters of each year (deadline February 1 and August 1).

    Applications must be submitted by February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1,  for consideration at the following quarterly board meeting.  Click here to apply for a Grant.

     Grants are not made:

    • to individuals;
    • for scholarships or individual awards;
    • to individual school classrooms;
    • to private schools;
    • for mission trips or ambassador programs;
    • for individual school programs;
    • for health-related research;
    • to support fundraising events that are not 100% deductible for charitable purposes.

    Grants to faith-based organizations may be made to support programs that strongly address the focus areas.